Our Story

AMPM Training

AMPM Training was established with a vision of improving healthcare provision through enhancing communication. It operates under a team with over 25 years of experience in healthcare delivery and training medical staff. The team has delivered risk management and empathy training schemes in many countries including Saudi Arabia and the UK.
AMPM Training seeks a culture of excellence and transparency. One of its successful training schemes, is empathy training, which aims to improve the experience of patients and their families when visiting medical institutes. It also improves the well being of the medical staff, through a deeper understanding of their own feelings and working environment. AMPM Training has partnered with AMS (Al-Afaf Medical Services) in Egypt to offer its services in the Middle East.

Our Mission

To advance a holistic approach to health provision by training medical, administrative and auxiliary staff, and edification of the public, to facilitate communication in healthcare settings.

Our Vision

We aspire to a healthcare culture based on transparency and communication that develops mutual trust and understanding.

Our Strategy

To tailor the communication services to the needs of different communities and healthcare providers, including adapted MINT Patient Information Leaflets and customized training courses.