Management Skills Training for Healthcare Staff

Medical staff are commonly called upon in managerial roles. Many however, have received little or no formal training. Training team leaders in soft management skills should improve the functions and outputs of the hospital teams. This has been recognized by many countries and such training has been incorporated in the training programs of young doctors and nurses. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive training program that enhances these skills allowing for better function of the teams and facilitating the changes and evolutions required in the hospitals. The program is conducted through a series of workshops that are discrete yet relate in content. This allows the staff to attend at their own pace. The contents of the program are customized to the needs of hospitals and their staff. This is assessed through preliminary visits including interviews and surveys. This program will be available for individuals as well. Certificates of course completion will be provided.

Management Skills Training Objectives

  • Educate teams in management soft skills through workshops
  • Train teams to plan, start and assess projects required by the hospital
  • Provide training for hospital educators to follow-up on skills acquired by staff

Examples of Management Skills Training Sessions

  • Communication skills
  • Leadership training
  • Teamwork
  • Burn-out in the workplace
  • Feedback and reflection
  • Conflict resolution
  • Teaching and presentation skills
  • Innovation in the workplace
  • Organizational change